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You feel very desperate because your current job is time-consuming and you hate the system? And suddenly you remember that you have experience and various skills to face a new challenge in your life. Without any hesitation, you decided to leave your stable job without a well-planned plan to cover your future living and now you feel you just messed up your career life.

After the resignation day, you got a good idea to start a startup, you have a great concept and idea. You have a good relationship and chemistry with your friends to create a great team. But you don’t have any funds to create your dream startup. You started to think again, should I force myself to start a new risky business with a high-rewarding challenge and experience or should I try to apply for a new job?

Lack of funds should not discourage you from pursuing your dream to create a startup, even though it’s a perilous move since you have no funds to fund your startup. You still should force yourself to create a master plan and start your startup, right?

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Hello, my name is Fakhri, I am 23 years old boy who dreamed about having an agency with my friends. I started it with not so well-planned plan and no money at all. This is my experience of growing my agency together with my friends that I want to share with you. This might be a crazy journey that I’ve been sailing for one year and still going and growing right now.

“Don’t do a startup unless you’re ideologically driven to make it succeed beyond the economic motivation.”
– Balaji srinivasan

How I start my startup? Well, this is quite crazy since I don’t have any experience in practical business and organization at all. I only depend on basic knowledge about how business works and agency work, yet I still forced myself to start the digital marketing agency with my friends.

I left my corporate job with little experience and knowledge of how working and business system is. That was the profoundly difficult decision for me to make before I finally left my corporate job. I started calling my friends one by one, inviting them to have a small coffee talk about our startup. Some of them already have jobs, but they still interested to have a small talk with me.

On that day, six of us finally committed to starting a startup as a digital marketing agency with a focus on content creation and content marketing creation. Moments later after that small coffee talk, we started listing some of the potential clients in our city. Almost a month after that meeting, we managed to find a client who wants and need to use our service. Since that was our first client, we give a free service for one month.

Six of us did an excellent job for our first client, we give a successful campaign idea for our client’s new product. We launched the product with a good teaser and digital amplification, which make this new product become the main product of our client’s business after a few weeks.

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That was a good achievement for me, even though I didn’t make money since it was free, I still happy to have that first successful campaign. Months later after our first client, we managed to have a good deal with other business, which eventually became a business partner. This was our first deal with some serious money involved in this deal.

Here is a powerful yet simple rule. Always give people more that they expect to get. – Nelson Boswell

We managed to be quite good at branding campaigns for our business partners. We created a marketing plan for them. Activated their Social Media, Website, and many more. Since we’re both a startup, we are still supporting each other to create a sustainable ecosystem for both businesses. We share and plan a lot about ideas and content, especially creating a good campaign that supports both businesses.

Since I believe that every business has ups and downs, our company faced some serious problems. In the mid of 2018, two people from our team left the company because there was a serious trust issue. From this moment, I learned two things. First, I need to keep going and focus, even though it is hard. Second, I need to learn from the past issue and create a good solution to prevent this issue from happened again.

Without losing any trust to the team, we still building our startup, even though with not-that-good income and faced some hard times. Months later, we finally have a right momentum to start to pitch some potential clients in our city. We started to call and meet our potential clients, but most of them were failed to have a deal with us. But after we met with a company with a good understanding of the importance of digital marketing in their business. We finally have another deal with a great amount of money.

I realized this moment was our turning point, we used this moment to create a great acceleration for our startup. We started hiring freelancers and part-timers to help us create a great work for our clients. We managed to have a good amount of money and start renting our first office. And our team have been growing and expanding until today, from 4 people to 10 people.

“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later. – Og mandino”

The thing that I can learn from this experience is “I must overcome my fear to step outside my comfort zone.”, also “I need to give my best quality for every person, clients, and teams.”.

I am continually sharing ways in which you can learn something from my experience or use some tools that I use to improve my life quality. These are some helps that you can use to improve your life quality.

Anyway, since this is my first blog post, I hope you find this story interesting to read and I will try to improve my writing skill through this blog. Please share your story in the comment section. I am curious about people’s experience and opinions about startup. Thank you and have a great day!


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